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Trademarked Tree, Super Walmart and a new top burger joint

Here's a few brief updates, and some recent pictures.

I headed down to Monterey recently with Nicole (well, on President's Day weekend, so fairly recently).  We drove around the 17 mile drive and headed down to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner - the standard touristy stuff.

On the 17 mile drive, we stopped at a few of the highlights, but one particularly worthy of mention is the Lone Cypress.  We took some pictures, and I also took a picture of the plaque, detailing that the tree is trademarked, and as such photographs or art renderings of the tree cannot be taken or created for commercial or promotional purposes without permission of the Pebble Beach Company.  That's right, a cypress tree which is somewhere between 250 and 300 years old, at some point during its life has become off-limits to unauthorized commercial photographers because it has been chosen by a company as their trademark.  This just seems wrong.

As we were passing through Gilroy on the way back from Monterey to San Jose, and I just had to see the pinnacle of American civilization that is a Wal-mart Supercenter (there is none in the bay area itself as Wal-mart have a very hard time in some areas getting unions to build new stores, or finding non-unionized workers who will agree to do it for them).  For the most part, it was just a Wal-mart with more of the same items on the shelves; for example, as always, the first thing as you walk into the store is Hanna Montana merchandising, followed by more clothes;  and over in the sporting department, they only had the same models of treadmills as my local store had in stock, just they had more of each; they didn't have any of the extra models available from the Wal-mart website.  There did seem to be a few more people in this Wal-mart on the electric carts (mostly much larger than this lady who happened to be in one of my shots, however I didn't feel right taking a photo with a decent view of any of the highly obese customers in it as they may take offense).

This Wal-mart also had an H&R Block in-store, where you could do your taxes in-store, receive a loan check against your tax refund, and then cash the check on your way out to pay for your shopping.

At the checkout on the way out, I noticed supersized liquor, I haven't noticed liquor at other Wal-marts, but I haven't exactly searched for it, so I can't be sure if it is unique to Wal-mart Supercenters or not.

More recently, I found myself at Johnny Rockets in downtown San Jose.  The atmosphere and the food make this my new favorite burger joint.  Johnny Rockets was founded in 1986 in Los Angeles as a retro burger joint, and their burgers, fries and malts (thick shakes in American) were fantastic; the music (tabletop selection from classic hits in the jukebox, for a nickel), the staff, the decor and the food all came together perfectly.
There used to be a Johnny Rocket's at Morley.
please don't become so americanised as to spell cheque check.
I've been spelling most things the American way for a while now.

The American language still doesn't come naturally to me, such as calling petrol gas and calling the main course an entrée, but I have the strange spelling pretty much sorted out.
or Americanized, is cheque a french deritive of check? According to wikipedia, Americanised is a British spelling.

Which do the Aussies use? British or French?

Canadians use both, my curiosity has the best of me.

Per Wikipedia
we tend to use British the most, but I have no idea of the origins of the que rather than ck in cheque

perhaps we just like to screw around with our language more so it's hard to spell homonyms :)
hrm I thought the Aussies and the Brits had a little riff or rivalry. Then again, wasn't Australia once a island for outcasts and criminals?

What lucky bad boys/girls, from what I've seen, its very beautiful and so many different landscapes, although, if it were me, I'd really love to have been exiled to the Great Barrier Reef :))

I always wondered about that, I have tons of Canadian friends, who tend to use alot of French influential words, and I guess the Aussies do Brittish.. I would have never guessed.
Americans hate the brits more than we do.

we still have the queen as our monarch, although in 99 there was a referendum to become a republic (but still be part of the commonwealth) *shrug* no idea what you're thinking of with the riff.

yes, we are a convict colony, and very proud of it.

and yes again, very beautiful country, even if you forget it sometimes when you're living there :P
I've made the mistake of calling an Aussie a Brit and almost got be-headed :)

Yep I know the feeling, I lived in Hawaii and had the nerve to miss the mainland.

oh right, yes, we are Australians, not British. That would be like calling a Canadian an American I presume. We like our roots, they are nice and posh, but we also like the fact that we are convicts and the brits didn't like us so we don't like them either.
Except that technically, Canadians are American. Just not Americans from the US of A. :)
*rolls eyes* yes, yes, I know.

but if a non-american asks anyone "are you american" it means "are you from the USA". it's only those of you actually IN america that differentiate because you don't want to be considered a septic tank* :P

* bit of strine for you
See what you did. LOL Good thing you didn't write what you originally wanted to, or we would have a lot more American bashing here.
hah I know, I talked to Nicole, she told me how you were so blown away by that Super Walmart.. it also got me one trip to Monterey, I had been down for a SANS Network Security Bootcamp, and I needed a break.. I drove up north saw that.. and bought a little jacket that I still have (I had been living in Hawaii and had NO jacket), I forgot that in Monterey, it got cold at nite. My silly self was so amazed by the Super Walmart.. it makes you want to save money just to take a trip to it.. it reminds me of my IKEA (eye keel u) trip yesterday, OMG, I had never been to there, didn't know how it worked and had never seen so much "stuff" in my life..

Robert and I were trapped in there for 4 hours.. only to wait in a long line, then thinking they got the items we wanted.. Nope we are supposed to get them ourselves.. we were like fuck it. Time wasted.. 4 hours. I bought a lamp and 2 lightbulbs tho.

That pic I took of you in the car is my fave :)
Uh hello ! Swimming pool is heated alert !!! (I dipped my foot in today and its heated YAY YAY)

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