David Luyer (luyer) wrote,
David Luyer

Vacation update, part 2

Mar 4th: My birthday. Went to Freo - visited the Roundhouse precinct and did a couple of tours of the old Fremantle Prison. Nicole had her first vanilla slice. Went to the Coolgardie Safe for dinner, had damper, crocodile, emu, kangaroo and marron, and a mini pavlova.
Mar 5th: Back to the beach, more swimming. Calmer waves today. We both ended up a little red this time, perhaps time to stop visiting the beach so much.
Mar 6th: Visited UWA (UCS, UCC, and some others). Nicole wasn't feeling too well from all the beach visits and sun exposure, so she didn't make it to UWA.
Mar 7th: Back to Freo. Visited the maritime museum, HMAS Ovens, shipwreck galleries and the markets.

At this stage it looks like we will probably drop Adventure World from our plans, and we're considering dropping Monkey Mia (it is a little far away, and our schedule isn't too flexible due to my visa appointment, so we'll have to see how Albany goes as the Albany and Monkey Mia trips would both have to go almost perfectly to fit in the schedule now).
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