David Luyer (luyer) wrote,
David Luyer

Vacation update, part 3

Mar 8th: Visited Peter, Shay and their families who were doing something Sungroper-related, and took a look at their solar car at the same time. Drove along the river a bit, stopping a few times; dropped in at UWA and saw the peacocks and the sunken gardens. Dinner at Woodpeckers in Subiaco, walked around Subiaco a bit. Nicole looked at the menu at Santa Fe, but we didn't try the food there - we have much better Mexican all around in San Jose, so I'm trying to convince Nicole to not bother trying it here.
Mar 9th: Cohuna Koala Park - Nicole finally got up close and personal with a koala. And some kangaroos, deer and wallabies, too. There were also kookaburras, emus, ostriches, cockatoos, black swans, pelicans, dingoes, bobtails, owls, peacocks and more. Then we visited Serpentine Falls and Bickley Brook - it's very disappointing that Bickley Brook is now mostly closed to the public. Nicole had her third vanilla slice, I think she's over them now.
Mar 10th: Prepared visa documentation (DS156, DS157), got photos done and paid the second of three visa fees at the post office. Had a quick swim in the pool. Dinner at Nandos. I like Nandos. Nicole likes Nandos now, too.
Mar 11th: Rottnest, and dinner in Fremantle (at an Italian restaurant, which was quite nice). We did the gun and tunnel tour, underwater explorer wreck and reef tour, and went and found some quokkas.
Mar 12th: Visa interview at US consulate, very quick and painless. They didn't even want to see any of the massive stack of papers Google had prepared, just the DS156, DS157 and I797A.

Tomorrow, we're off towards Albany, we'll be spending a few days in the south-west (probably Mt Barker, Albany, Pemberton, possibly Bunbury - I'll update what we actually end up doing once we've actually been).

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