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Very fast turn-around from the US Consulate - I dropped my passport off on the 12th, and it was returned by registered post which arrived on the 13th (however as I wasn't home, I had to take the registered post slip down to the post office and pick it up today). So I now have my H1B visa stamp.

Ongoing holiday summary:

Mar 13th: Cottesloe to Albany. A few stops on the way, such as Kojonup, the Mongolian Yurt in Mt Barker (Nicole found a couple of kangaroos to say hello to here) and visiting my great aunt near Mt Barker. Albany Fish and Chips for dinner, which we ate on Middleton Beach. Stayed at the Pelicans Holiday Village in Albany, which I recommend to anyone.
Mar 14th: Albany to Walpole. Visited The Gap and Natural Bridge and the Blowholes in Torndirrup NP, the Albany Wind Farm, the Denmark Water Barometer, the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, and the Giant Tingle Tree. We had to change a tyre near Walpole.
Mar 15th: Return from Walpole to Cottesloe. Rode the Pemberton Tramway, climbed a short distance up the Gloucester Tree (up to roughly the first major branch near the ladder, I'd estimate a quarter of the way up), checked out a couple of beaches near the Margaret River coastline, briefly visited the Busselton Jetty and the Bunbury Lighthouse. Introduced Nicole to Chicken Treat for dinner.
Mar 16th: Apart from walking down to the post office, having lunch at a cafe in Napoleon St and browsing some shops at the Grove Plaza (now renamed "Cottesloe Central"), mostly a day spent relaxing and working on things online.

The trip to the south-west was great, however we're not going to follow it up by heading up to Monkey Mia - it's just too much of a trip for the time we had left, and we haven't had the chance to do some of the things we were intending to do with our downtime while we were here (although I made a start on some of them today).

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