David Luyer (luyer) wrote,
David Luyer

Vacation - conclusion

The vacation is over. We didn't catch up with as many people as we'd hoped to, or as much as we'd hoped to, but otherwise, it was great.

The last half a week involved getting some things done online, introducing Nicole to more local restaurant options (including local variants of junk food), and building a computer for my parents, so we didn't go out so much.

Mar 17th: Dinner at Hog's Breath Cafe. Good steak. Dessert at the Northbridge Geláre. Good waffles.
Mar 18th: I'll update the post if I remember what we did Wednesday... I'm sure we did something :-)
Mar 19th: Went to MSY and bought the computer parts. Lunch at Hungry Jacks. Went down to Cottesloe Beach to take some pictures of Sculpture by the Sea, ran into Shay and Fe (third time running into Shay on the trip).
Mar 20th: Built the computer. Family dinner (Phil and Kate came over for a BBQ, but it rained, so we ate inside - I think this was the only rain on the trip).
Mar 21st: The last real day in Perth. Notified by Qantas that our SYD-SFO flight would be delayed by a couple of hours, but the later PER-SYD option would still be too late, so we still needed to be on a 5:45am flight out of Perth. Visited the old asylum in Fremantle and did some last minute shopping at the E-shed Markets.
Mar 22nd: The flight back. In Sydney, due to the flight delay, we grabbed a cab to Circular Quay and I gave Nicole a very brief tour: 'look, a bridge' (Sydney Harbor Bridge). 'look, a silly white building' (Opera House). 'look, some old stuff' (The Rocks). Lunch at McDonalds, our only visit to McDonalds in the entire trip. We tried to grab a train back to the airport, and I was confused when the machine insisted on a very low fare (the city loop fare), but then when I got on the platform and saw there were no trains to the airport, it made sense: the fare was to get us to Central, then it was a free bus to the airport.

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