David Luyer (luyer) wrote,
David Luyer

LAX airport - bus to bus

I had a nice flight down from SJC to LAX, on an ERJ140, partly due to the good luck I seem to have with airline seating. This time around, I was booked in an aisle seat near the back, which wouldn't have been great, but I was next to someone whose friend was in the exit row window. So, I ended up in the exit row window, with lots of legroom.

It was a very nice flight - I've had a lot of good experience with small jets (as opposed to turboprops, which have never been so great). On the way back, I'll be going from one extreme to another of jet sizes - connecting from an A380 to an ERJ140.

According to the staff at SJC, my flight was arriving at Terminal 4 and I would be departing Terminal 4.

In reality, my flight arrived at the American Eagle satellite terminal, where I took a shuttle bus to terminal 4, to wait for a shuttle bus (every half an hour) to TBIT, which is what I'm currently doing.
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