David Luyer (luyer) wrote,
David Luyer

Mixed luck continues at LAX

On the negative, my flight was delayed to 1am (from ~11pm).

On the positive, I was bumped to business class, and that gives me business class lounge access. (Normally I get regular AA Admirals Club lounge access due to the card I book on; the LAX Qantas Business Class lounge is definitely a step up from those lounges.)

I've never actually booked business class on an international flight, but I've flown it a number of times. This time I finally booked Premium Economy, so in terms of tiers it's not as much of an upgrade as the Economy to Business upgrades I used to get relatively often when boarding planes in Asia (which I attribute at least in part to height), but on such a long flight it is definitely appreciated - Skybed seat will mean there's a chance of me being awake in the office, even if having AC power for the laptop keeps me using it longer :-) It's the best I've had on a trans-pacific flight - my only previous upgrade on this route was on United, from Economy to Premium Economy.
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