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A couple of weeks back, I visited Jollibee for the first time; they've been popping up a little more around the bay area, but they've actually been here for some years. Last night, I went again, yum! I had no idea who they were before I went inside, but when I did, my first guess was actually correct -- they are a Filipino fast food chain, selling what Filipinos think Americans eat, who have now set up some stores in America (I had to read the menu items to get the Filipino bit, but it was obvious that they were American inspired South East Asian fast food from the pictures of the food and the decor of the store). It turns out they've been in existence in the Philippines since the 1970s, and have had a store in Daly City since 1998, and in San Jose for at least a few years, but they have been expanding recently, which is why I noticed them. And, one of their deserts contains my favorite fruit, jackfruit, unfortunately only a little of it though (I still prefer it fresh).

I think we need more restaurants with what Asians think Americans eat, it's often pretty tasty. Or even just the Asian menu items -- like the Samurai Pork Burger from Thai McDonalds. And the South East Asian version of Swensen's -- maybe if the US menu had been as good as theirs, it wouldn't have collapsed!

While I'm at it, I'd really like to see Chester's Grill open up over here. I'd even settle for a Nando's. Unfortunately I don't think either is particularly likely -- for now, El Pollo Loco seems like the best in the area of those two, but I think there's room for more spicy grilled chicken in the fast food market here which hopefully will be filled at some point in the future.
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